• Rear Putberg Castle

  • Farmers at work

  • Putberg Castle

  • Horses in the Meadow

  • The Geertskouter along the non paved side

  • The Putberg and his Castle

  • Horses along the Moretteweg

  • Walking trail towards Kruisborreweg

Photos from the immediate vicinity

Pictures taken within a radius of up to 1 km
bird's-eye view of 't Huizeke attest to a
rural setting.

A couple of hikes, starting at 't Huizeke

We have selected a couple of potential hikes,
if desired with an intermediate stop.

* 4,9km : around the centre of Asbeek
      (possibility to reduce the hike to 2,5km)

* 5,56km : following some hilly paths to and around
      "Kruisborre" en back to 't Huizeke

* 5,24km : along the boardwalk to the dog school of Essene (on sunday morning)
      (or are the sheep training?)
      and by some rural roads back to 't Huizeke